Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I know, I know, I'm blowing my project 365! Ms. Lyndsie started basketball this month and it's her first time. She really seems to like it and is picking it up quickly. Her very first day was a game, she hadn't even had practice yet. We were so impressed, she dribbled the ball well and she made a basket during the practice before the game. My first attempt at sports photography was at her game this past Saturday. My friend Tressie gave me some pointers on camera settings, etc. Tressie has been photographing her son since he was in first grade he's now 15, so she's had a lot of practice! I was pretty happy I caught this shot. Our girl is rebounding!! According to Lyndsie's dad, basketball is all about the rebounds. He told her they say in the NBA, no rebounds no ring! That doesn't quite apply here but we were pretty proud of her! They all got fruit roll ups at the end! Hope everyone is having a great week. Hard to believe that it's the last week of January. Happy Wednesday everyone:)

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