Saturday, May 14, 2011

~Be Still My Heart~ {Sacramento Child Photographer}

I so wish time didn't move so fast. This week, my sweet daughter had been posing for me in different types of light. I was, of course, trying some new things and she's a trooper to still pose for her mom:) When I saw this image, my heart skipped a beat. I have many images of my sweet girl but something about this really struck me. Oh no, it can't be, it's a glimpse into her future. The look she is giving me is so grown up. It selfishly makes me wish I could stop time. It's hard to believe that the next big steps are around the corner. I just want to squeeze her like I did when she was a baby. If I did that now, I'd get an "Oh Mom". But, thank goodness she still loves to be hugged:) This image will definitely be a fav of mine for a very long time.
Thanks so much for checking in. Hope you all are having a great weekend.